Never settle for less! ☝🏻

4 words that have destroyed many lives: what will people say?!

90% of people are doing things under pressure.

It’s ok not to do things you don’t like. We don’t live for others! We aren’t here to fit into someone else’s world.. we are here to create our own!

When you know you deserve better in life, you need to move on! Whether it be people, career, job or any other thing!

You can’t be everything they expect but you can be everything you want!

Explore yourself, find out what you love, what you deserve and keep moving towards it!

Life is short, and you don’t want to waste it!


Switzerland❄️- The paradise…

Switzerland, one of the best places to get in touch with the nature! You just cannot get enough of it. It feels like capturing every moment through your eyes.

The coolest place in Switzerland: mount Titlis. One could do unlimited snow ball fight over there!

Then comes Jungfraujoch: The top of Europe. The top of Europe made me feel like the top of the world! No train journey was as good as the journey to jungfraujoch.

Then there’s this ride at the top of mountains that takes you from one end of mountains to another. You will feel as if you are riding in heaven! When Thousands of feet above you are like: OMG! OMG! I m gonna die.. but then it’s like.. it’s okay, coz I m already in heaven! 😌

Also boating towards the waterfall and having vadapav and tea near waterfall is the best of feeling!

We all know Switzerland is famous for chocolates.. Swiss chocolates are worth dying for, also the hot chocolates of Swiss 😍

And one should not forget to take the Swiss knife and cowbell as a souvenir!

Switzerland- The heaven you could visit without even dying! ♥️

When you realise there’s Hogwarts in LA… 🤩

Yes! You read it correct.. there’s hogwarts in the universal studios in LA! 😍

Ofcourse I already wanted to visit Los Angeles as it is a must visit place on everyone’s travel bucket list.. but since I have learnt that I can experience the hogwarts magic over there, visiting LA has become the greatest of desires.

LA is described by 3 F’s: FASHION, FOOD, FITNESS.

Also there’s Disneyland, scary farm, escape room, shopping craze, amazing cuisines.. AND universal studios!

In universal studios of LA, people can visit the hogwarts castle and live the witch/wizard life.

There’s magic, dark arts lessons, potions, Wands, flying brooms, quidditch match and all other HARRY POTTER VIBES!

Damn! Every Harry Potter fan needs to visit this place atleast once in their lifetime!

Let’s just escape from reality!

Mischief managed! ✨

Mum Dad secrets… 💫

Do you ever realise how much our parents sacrifice for us?

Suppose there are 4 people in the family and three pastries, then mother says: You all have it, I don’t like pastries! (You know that’s a lie)

Even if there’s no money in your Dad’s wallet, he still won’t say No when u want to buy something costly!

When you are ill your mom sacrifices her sleep. When mom is ill, still she cooks and does other stuff!

If it’s for me, then dad can afford shirt worth rupees 4000. But if it’s for him, rupees 2000 shirt is costly he feels!

Name a thing you like, and they will bring it without you even asking for it!

What happiness they get when they see a smile on our faces!

Let’s take efforts to get them the happiness our parents deserve! ♥️

Paris- The city of love 💖

Thinking of Paris always reminds me of Eiffel Tower.. the view from top of Eiffel is worth dying for. I never imagined that Eiffel could have so much inside it.. I mean the shops, cafeterias etc.

One must definitely visit this beautiful wonder at midnight.. it feels like magic to see it sparkle! ✨

I went on the river cruise where we had red wine and danced on Bollywood music. Can u imagine Bollywood music in Paris? OMG WoW!

Then there’s this amazing cabaret show where they dance with so much grace and guts.. watching them while having champagne is heavenly!

And how could you forget the Disney land! Disney land doesn’t have any age limit for enjoyment. All fun rides and cartoons make you feel like you are the happiest person on this planet!

I then understood why everyone wishes to visit Paris atleast once in their lifetime! ♥️

Life is simple, we complicate it! 🌈

In this judgemental world we forget to live happily..

Let’s not judge them by their dressing sense.

Let the couples upload cheesy captions on social media.

Let them make love with anyone they want, let’s not judge them by their choices based on gender, colour, religion etc.

Let them choose the career they want.

Let them dream something beyond anyone’s capacity (changing the world).

Let’s just live without making judgements about people.. that would make ours as well as their lives easy! 😇