Never settle for less! ☝🏻

4 words that have destroyed many lives: what will people say?!

90% of people are doing things under pressure.

It’s ok not to do things you don’t like. We don’t live for others! We aren’t here to fit into someone else’s world.. we are here to create our own!

When you know you deserve better in life, you need to move on! Whether it be people, career, job or any other thing!

You can’t be everything they expect but you can be everything you want!

Explore yourself, find out what you love, what you deserve and keep moving towards it!

Life is short, and you don’t want to waste it!


Mum Dad secrets… 💫

Do you ever realise how much our parents sacrifice for us?

Suppose there are 4 people in the family and three pastries, then mother says: You all have it, I don’t like pastries! (You know that’s a lie)

Even if there’s no money in your Dad’s wallet, he still won’t say No when u want to buy something costly!

When you are ill your mom sacrifices her sleep. When mom is ill, still she cooks and does other stuff!

If it’s for me, then dad can afford shirt worth rupees 4000. But if it’s for him, rupees 2000 shirt is costly he feels!

Name a thing you like, and they will bring it without you even asking for it!

What happiness they get when they see a smile on our faces!

Let’s take efforts to get them the happiness our parents deserve! ♥️