Switzerland❄️- The paradise…

Switzerland, one of the best places to get in touch with the nature! You just cannot get enough of it. It feels like capturing every moment through your eyes.

The coolest place in Switzerland: mount Titlis. One could do unlimited snow ball fight over there!

Then comes Jungfraujoch: The top of Europe. The top of Europe made me feel like the top of the world! No train journey was as good as the journey to jungfraujoch.

Then there’s this ride at the top of mountains that takes you from one end of mountains to another. You will feel as if you are riding in heaven! When Thousands of feet above you are like: OMG! OMG! I m gonna die.. but then it’s like.. it’s okay, coz I m already in heaven! 😌

Also boating towards the waterfall and having vadapav and tea near waterfall is the best of feeling!

We all know Switzerland is famous for chocolates.. Swiss chocolates are worth dying for, also the hot chocolates of Swiss 😍

And one should not forget to take the Swiss knife and cowbell as a souvenir!

Switzerland- The heaven you could visit without even dying! ♥️